I forgot my password on my Toshiba Windows 10 laptop. Now every time I turn it on it has a black screen with a white box that says 'enter password' but I don't know the password.. I need to somehow reset my whole laptop. I've tried EVERYTHING, INCLUDING calling tech support, the Toshiba company, the windows company, watching YouTube videos, searching all over the internet, etc. Please I need desperate help. I need this laptop to do my school work and if I don't so my school work on this than I won't graduate High school. :( Someone please be my hero??

Actually this is a known thing. The BIOS boot password reset varies with the make and model. If it's a current design ONLY the maker or their service folk can reset that password. Usually a small fee is involved.

Most of the time this reset does not wipe the drive in the PC so that's the good news.

The bad news is that I've seen folk destroy a laptop trying the youtubes and more.

And another reason why I don't use Windows on my computers - Linux only.

@rubberman. The BIOS password is more of a PC thing. It's really helped in driving down the value of a stolen laptop. If you think a BIOS password is a show stopper, consider Apple's Lost Mode. Look it up and tell me what you think.

@rubberman Surely the Bios password is a computer thing, not a Windows thing. The Bios loads the OS, isn't that the whole point of the thing these days?

Alternatively you could take you Toshiba to a repair place get them to use your hard drive as a Slave (they use a working laptop and connect yours as an external drive . May be costly though.


Have you tried booting this on Safe Mode. Just click shut down by pressing the "Shift" key on the keyboard and then go top troubleshoot. The safe mode might allow you to access this (not sure, but you can try at least).

To Reset the bios, Just remove the Bios Battery on the main board for about 30 seconds

when your pc is on then click the shift button then your trobleshouting is on and its allow you to go safe mode