I want to know the keywords/password of wifi

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Huh?? I'm incredibly confused what you're asking for.

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Huh?? I'm incredibly confused what you're asking for.

If you have forgotten the default admin login for your wi-fi router then http://www.routerpasswords.com/ will have them for you.

If you wanted some kind of help with hacking into a wi-fi network, then you have come to the wrong place I am afraid as DaniWeb does not provide help with illegal acts.

Maybe the best next step would be to clarify exactly what it is you do want and we can take it from there as your question is not clear.

Davey, I believe that the thread title (PLDTHOMEDSLrezzie) is possibly a wifi SSID, and the OP believes that we would have the ability to connect to it for some reason??

Ooooh, I see what's going on. It looks as if the OP landed here at DaniWeb as a result of clicking on a Google Ad on a site very similar to RouterPasswords.

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