I posted a question last week on Microsoft Technet and during the resulting discussion the following was posted:

VBScript will be gone in the next version of Windows. Almost all references to VBScript have disappeared from MS sites.

In all the columns I've read about what's new and what's being removed from Windwos 10 in the spring update, no mention was made about vbScript. Has anyone else come across anything? I have a (rude word)-ton of scripts I'm going to have to convert unless I can just copy/restore cscript.exe and wscript.exe.

I have read the VBSCript via the browser will be discontinued but not sure about the command line. Most programs can be converted to Javascript or PowerShell. I have already converted some small programs to Powershell and JSCript. For larger programs, I would consider make them into VB.Net programs, most functionality is supported via the Microsoft.VisualBasic library reference.

Yeah. I read that from Microsoft recently. They are removing vbScript from the browser, which is in no way related to the original MS post which was very misleding in "vbScript is going away". In any case, it was the impetus I needed to finally learn Python.

The settings to enable or disable for VBScript execution in Internet Explorer 11 will remain configurable per site security zone, via Registry, or via Group Policy, should you still need to utilize this legacy scripting language.