Hi, I'm not really sure if I'm posting this in the right place - I've only just joined so please forgive mee!!!

I started up my laptop the other day which is windows xp service pack 2, and when I logged in to windows this cmd.exe black screen thing came up for about a second - not enough time to read what it said?! Then about 3 minutes later the blue screen of death came up but literally for about a second as well, and then the computer restarted. Then 3 mins later the exact same thing happened! It just kept happening like a loop, so I just quickly got the task manager up and deleted any random processes - one of them must have been causing it because after that it didn't happen. But now when I start the laptop up again I can't find out which one it is or why it's happening?!

I did a lavasoft ad-aware full system scan but it didn't stop the blue screen, and right now I'm in safe mode trying to update AVG so I can do a virus scan. But it won't let me update, it won't install avast and whever I try to do a panda online scan or any online scan for that matter, it says 'refused connection' or 'failed to connect' - This is in IE and in firefox. I tried to start up the computer with last good configuration but the blue screen still came up. :(

I'm really not great with computers so if anyone could help me in any way possible it would be greatly appreciated! thankyou!


Having the BSOD/stop error code could help. Please post it if possible.

If you think it could be viral then you should run rkill while you run Malwarebytes. rkill is designed to stop known viral process so you can actually run your anti-virus programs.

You could also install and run Hijack This and create a new thread in the virus/nasties forum: http://www.daniweb.com/forums/forum64.html

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