I dont know if im posting this in the correct site or not so just redirect me if I am... Anyways, a while back I burned a CD using Easy CD Creator 5 Basic (Roxio) and it completed burning as usual, and I think all the files were there but nevertheless a few months later when I checked the cd, half of the files were corrupted and not burned correctly resulting in the loss of many files. I unfortunatly deleted all the originals off of the computer and also reformatted the computer many times in the process, I know that recovery programs can retreat the file I deleted off of the computer but im afraid by then I rewrote over it. I have tried a few cd recovery programs like BadCopyy pro and someothers that at the moment cant come to mind but usually when i was trying to recover/view the file it still came out corrupted.. is there anything else i can do? Thanks A Bunch, and yay for run-on sentences!! (I do hope i made any sense...)

Unfortunately, there isn't much at all that you can do. The originals would be long gone by now (due to the many formats) and if your standard release commercial tools aren't recovering the data then the only option would be to get hold of some professional tools, and the cost of those is prohibitive.

There is a program that might work called badcopy pro that is supposed to be able to recover data from corrupt discs...

It's a long shot, but worth a try.