Here's how it went, I got done building my first pc about a month ago. When I installed the OS I was a little bit...retarded shall I say, and didn't create more then one partition.

Now, a month down the line, I'm thinking "hey, I'd like to try the Vista Beta or RC1". I start reading up about how to do a dual-boot, turns out that I need another partition.

So, what I'm asking is if there is a way for me to create a new partition, say 20 gb, without having to format my hard drive, reinstall Windows, and all my other programs? Any help would be most appreciated.

If it matters, I'm running,

4200+ Skt AM2
1GB Patriot memory
250GB Sata HDD
7600gt OC
dvd buner and cd drive

Thanks, Bernie

Yes, there is. But it isn't free.
What you need is a non-destructive partition tool (fdisk is not one of these). Partition Magic is a popular example. After you have bought the software, refrag your hard drive until you get no further effect, then follow the instructions in the program.

Partition Magic? That seemed like one of the more popular ones when I was looking around. I didn't want to have to buy something that I'll only use a few times but I guess its worth it. Thanks.