I have XP installed on my primary sata hard drive and have Vista installed on my second sata hard drive. When I boot the computer it doesnt give me a boot menu it automatically boots into XP. I can only get it to boot into Vista when I have the first boot device priority set as the cd-rom and have the windows vista cd in the cd-rom. I have the boot menu checked in the "startup and recovery" section in both OS. I was wondering if anybody knows how I can get the boot menu to appear, thank you.

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I have only been able to get the vista bootloader working if vista is installed on the first partition of the primary drive. I did exactly what you did initially, and all i needed to do was switch the jumpers on my drives, to physically change my vista drive to primary, and that did it.

Great avaitor! I feel like that quite a bit.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Here is an interesting discussion I found -- you may have already seen it.

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