when you visit drive C:\windows..you will see a file protection screen (warning screen) if you want that screen visibles when you enter in drive c: then u have to click SHOW FILES to view entire content...do the following....
1- First unhide files from folder option
2- then enter into windows folder (c:\windows)...copy the desktop.ini (configuration file) and folder.htt (hyper text template) and paste into drive C:\ and restart (not PC) MY COMPUTER

Will this work for the 'WINDOWS' folder??

I used to have a warning screen when i clicked on that folder and now i dont (It just enters the folder) .. Im just curious how to get it back?? (The one on my SYSTEM folder is still there.)

Im just curious how that got off there.....

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when you enter into windows folder follow this steps-

Right click there and in 'view' click 'as web page' then you will see a warning screen

"View as Webpage" is already checked.

check to see if you have folder.htt in the windows folder.

Ah ok......

I have 4 "folder.htt" files on my computer

In System,System32,Web and Program Files

I suppose i could copy the 1 from SYSTEM into WINDOWS.. (Isnt a big deal but interesting.)

yup. that'll work too. and if you know how to edit the file, you can change a whole lot options to change the way the folder looks like. I had edited the file so that it displayed a lot of links (to my computer, documents, music dir etc) on the left. For folders where i had pictures, i told it to not display the contents of the folder, but to run a slide show of all the pictures instead.

hello dude... please check for desktop.ini and folder.htt in windows folder.If it not appears then please copy ONLY from c:\windows\system folder.
DO NOT copy from 'program files' folder

Its not a big deal i was just curious why i wasnt getting it on that folder anymore.

Its not a big deal i was just curious why i wasnt getting it on that folder anymore.

Thanks for your reply...after 1 year...;)

Np my friend :)


I hope you now jumped on XP..Windows XP's Explorer doesnt reads the .ini and folder.htt so its less risk of those viruses which spreads through this files.

I dont really like XP very much,too complex,adds too much to the registry and thats kind of a privacy issue in my book....

I will say this though: XP IS 10000% BETTER THAN VISTA!!

You are absolutely true...I also love 98 too much that's why i have added on end on my ID name.
Some circumstances caused me to use XP...But i will not forgot the 98- an OS which called to be.