Okay, so after a bevy of virus issues I decided it was high time for a reformatting. So, I reformatted my hard drive a couple days ago and I'm in the process of getting everything back together.

Everything seems to be fine, but when I tried to run Civs4 it either automatically reboots me or shows blue screen of death with something about a ntoskrnl.exe error.

I'm running windows 2000 pro.

Things I've done to try to remedy this:

- rebooted computer (duh)
- ran windows update, made sure SP4 installed
- Virus/spyware scans
- updated CD/DVD rom firmware&drivers
- updated geforce video card drivers
- patched up Civs
- uninstalled and reinstalled patch
- read through support pages on Civs4 website

I'm out of ideas, since this game worked without any problems at all before the reformatting.. with a clean slate I thought this would be easy!

Any and all help is appreciated, thanks!

- Sandy

Just fixed it.. had to reinstall SP4 for it to work. Thanks anyway!