I installed IE v.7 a few days ago, and my computer hasn't been the same since. It won't allow me to access certain websites (like trying to pay my power bill online), and it has slooooowed my computer down considerably. I've cleaned out all my temporary files, re-booted, and sleected all my internet options.

I'd like to dump it and reinstall v6 but it appears that doing that automatically gives you v7.

Has anyone else had problems with this?



what type of internet connection are u using? (dsl\dialup\T1\etc)

what type of internet connection are u using? (dsl\dialup\T1\etc)

My system also slowed down dramatically subsequent to IE 7 installation. I am using XP Home Editin with DSL. I don't think the connection type has anything to do with it. Hope someone may have a solution...

what type of internet connection are u using? (dsl\dialup\T1\etc)

High-speed through my cable company. I've never had any problems before now.

I'm also having problems accessing webpages that I've been going to for years. I get a page that tells me either I have no internet connection or the address is typed in wrong (both untrue).

Well actfray, are you for certain that this problem apeared after you installed Internet Explorer version 7. So what this problem comes down to is either: Internet connection could of all of a sudden went wacky(or something). OR There's a problem with your new browser(IE). Now if it's "Internet Explorer" fault and you are wanting to use a different browser, might i suggest "Firefox".(FREE!). Even regardless of IE malfunctioning, I still recommend it.


After all It's the best!

Well check this out guys, I just googled your problems, and Its seems that there is a bug with the new "phishing filter" featere, and microsoft says they have a patch for it. Or if you dont care about this "phishing filter", than you can just disable it.

Phishing filter- filters out sites with bad reputations for your protection.

Microsoft patch page/help: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928089

Page i found on google: http://www.findmotive.com/2006/10/23/ie-7-slow-page-loading/