I'm encountering a peculiar situation on a Win2000Pro machine. When the machine cranks up in the AM it is fine and works normally. As the day wears on, with use, the mouse actions get jerkier. Anyone have an idea?

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Is your cpu properly cooled ??

Is your cpu properly cooled ??

I really don't know; will have to check that out. Are there any other symptons that might reflect this as well?
Thanks, BuddyB

Is it a laptop? I see problems with optical mice on laptops, you sometimes have to turn off the touchpad/ibm stik by changing mouse type to serial in BIOS.


The title of your post made me think that maybe your mouse needs more coffee during the day... Sorry :mrgreen:

I found after going back to 98se with a smaller hard drive, the mouse was more jerky and slower responding. It seemed to be when pc busyas in updates happening while I was trying to work. Old days was clean the mouse. Dont know if this is of help.

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