I use Windows 98 and have tried and tried to upgrade an old version of Internet Explorer 4 to version 6. I went to the Windows Update web page and discovered that I needed to download 24 critical updates. The download was going fine. considering my slow dial-up connection speed. But with only fifteen minutes to go, this message came on screen: "stopping in 5 seconds." With that, my monitor went dark and the power turned off. I had to turn my PC on again only to find that I still had IE 4 and everything responded slower. Even right-clicking took nearly a minute to respond. No longer could I access any web site. I'm wondering if perhaps I tried to download too many updates at once. Any suggestions? Also, my Windows taskbar has NOT been at the bottom of the screen where it should be. It is on the right side of the screen, with the Start button at the top. Has anyone heard of such a thing? It has been this way for some time so I know my downloading did not cause it. I hope I don't need a new CPU because my financial situation is shaky. But something needs to be done. I know I need to upgrade my Internet Explorer browser but how can I do this when I've already tried this by downloading updates and that only seems to get me nowhere. Help!!
Thank you. janda5

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You sure it didn't fill your primary partition with downloads?

Check for free room on your C:\ drive

Thanks to MartyMcFly for replying to my post. Here's an update: I have since found a way to upgrade my old Internet Explorer 4 to a newer version 6. Using Download.com, I downloaded IE 6 without any problem. I had confused the terms update and upgrade. Windows Update does a terrific job at checking for updates to current versions but has nothing to do with upgrades. So my problem has been solved and I have an upgraded IE browser. One question, however...although my PC seems to recognize the new version of IE, can anyone tell me why IE 4.01 is still listed under Programs when I click on the Start button? Should I delete the old version or just leave well enough alone? Thanks again.


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