Hello, I need help. I'm not sure what happen to my desk top PC, I did use IE 7.0, it ran fine till now, suddently I could not open IE, there is no messages at all, nothing shows up on the screen but it does have the icon at the toolbar :!: . I upgraded recently couple softwares through window updates for Adobe, Win Media 11, Real, etc ... I tried to uninstall IE 7.0 and couples upgrades like Win Media 11. However I still got the same problem. My PC is a Dell and has Window XP home with service pack 2. Every time I click on IE, a new icon appears at the toolbar, but nothing shows up on screen. I don't think this has any problem with connection since my router works fine, other PC's connect to internet without problem and each icon did show up the URL list that I tried to connect. I will try the sfc.exe later. Just wonder anyone has the same problem like me and any helps will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :mrgreen:

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You could try doing a system restore to before the problem started to start with.

System restore does not work, since I did not have any check point.

You could then try uninstalling Windows Media Player 11 and Internet Explorer 7 then restart the computer. Then install IE7 again alone then restart computer then install Media Player11. Otherwise you are looking at a repair install.

Yeah Im having a similar problem. Out of no where, my Internet wouldnt load on my desktop, but Im able to access it from other users. The page would open, but load at an EXTREMELY low rate (if at all), and now its just rediculous, but like I said, it loads just fine on other users

try reinstalling if it does not help, uninstall ie8 from windows component and reboot, and than reinstall ie from windows component and that update it....

should work.

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