I have over the last few nights had the same problem on my pc. Quite suddenly (and even if I do not have Internet Explorer open) multiple pages open automatically. I have had over 40 pages (sometimes more) open one after the other and at a very fast speed. I have tried to close them but it is almost impossible and often have to crash the system and reboot to get rid of them.

The webiste that opens is usally the last one I have visited and it can happen with different sites.

I have tried various things. I have run virus checks with AVG, Adware and Superantispyware but nothing is picked up.

I noticed a similar thread on this site, but there was no solution posted.

I am using Vista 32bit and dell 1525.

Please help!! :'(

run Malwarebytes and ccleaner

Thanks for the reply.
I scanned with several anti virus/spam etc. but none were detected.
I have since contacted Dell. Appears to have been a software related issue which corrupted my internet explorer. My IE was reset and so far, problem has not reoccured.

Hope this helps anyone else who may be having similar problems. :icon_eek:

spyware and trojans are software !