Please help! My friend w@ssupposed to get on to do a project, and I have like 10 minutes to get on!

Everytime I try to sign in on msn, it says wrong password, and "signing in, attempt 2". After the 2nd attempt, it signs in, but the Messenger doesnt work! Part of the message reads, " We could not connect to Windows Live ID servers to verify your e-mail address and p@ssword. This verification helps to protect your personal information and allows us to personalize your online experience". I dont get it though, I can still surf the web. Here's a pic of how it looks like:

Why does it say Im putting in the wrong password, I'm 100% positive it is right, because MSN signs in... but the messenger part doesnt, i dont no why.

I believe that MSN is currently having problems with their servers although checking the Status of MSN says that all is OK I have checked with family all round the country an nobody can use MSN mail or messenger services.

i just repaired it (from control panel) and rebooted and it worked fine