This is my first post so please bear with me..

I am trying to figure out why IE 6 is running so slow. I was having alot of problems with pop-ups so I installed Yahoo's toolbar with pop-up blocker and Spyware blocker. After doing so I deleted a bunch of filed that maybe I should'nt have and now whenever I open Explorer it takes forever to load a page (the page starts to load right away but stalls out). I am using a Gateway Select with windows 98 2nd Edition. AMD Athlon Processor 128MB RAM. It has done this every time and does not get any faster. I have tried downloading DAP but it did not help. Dial up was faster than this!!! Please help!


I have removed the toolbar and it did not help. I will try the link.


when you say you deleted a load of files... what type of files?

I deleted any files or progs that may contain adware including BHO's etc.

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