This has been happening a lot lately and I don't know what to do.

I'm on the net, and I'm working or doing my stuff, and then if i leave for lets say 20-30 seconds, I come back and I click on a link, it says cannot find server. My connection in still active, everything works, but the web pages do not load at all. It takes forever to try to load the page, then it gives up.I tried using the help pages with XP but they don't help. The pages work later, but I have to re-boot my computer. It's totally ridiculous. I don't know what to do now. Any suggestions?

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hi this is savvy
whenever i log on to internet in winxp i get a message:
modem not found


First thing to do is to check device manager and see if you modem is listed and there are no problems with it there ,if it ok then check the phone wire connection make sure it pluged in right ,phone to phone side of the modem or wall to wall side of the modem .
How to get to device manager ,right click mycomputer/properties /device manager ,you should see modem in the list!!

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