ok i got a new computer a couple months ago and the microsftr office was just a trial apparently. is that right? now i cant use word excel all those. which product key do i use. i used all that i had and none work??? help

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i think it is against forum rules to ask that question for that is illegal

Are you absolutely sure that you didn't get a product key somewhere in the paperwork that came with the computer?

If the Office package was truly a trial version, and the trial time has expired, you will have to pay to either get a key to unlock your version or get a fully-functional version.

If you have no key and are asking for one, mikenandike22 already answered that question- we don't allow any discussion of hacks, cracks, or warez here.

it sounds more like it is an oem copy that hasn't been activated. There should be a phone number to ring or a website to visit in order to activate it.

Office XP only opens 30 (ish) times before you are forced to activate.

it sounds more like it is an oem copy that hasn't been activated. There should be a phone number to ring or a website to visit in order to activate it.

Yeah, that's why I suggested that travman double-check the stuff that came with the computer. It's a bit of a pain the way a lot of machines come configured- you get 8 million pre-installed apps, but since you rarely get CDs for those apps (which is where you'd normally find the product key stamped), you have to snuffle through a pile of booklets, leaflets, and whatnot to find all the keys, or log onto a bunch of sites and go through the online registration processes. Bit of a bummer in my book...

well i didnt wana do anything illegal but i found the certificate of authenticity and it said trial after office sooooo. is that normal to get a trialk copy of office??

It's rather obscene, in my view, for a vendor to include a trial version of Office. It's costs the same amount to convert it to a fully functional version, and it can be a messy job to convert. You have two options:

- Uninstall the trial version, buy a full retail version and install that.

- Uninstall the trial version, download OpenOffice http://www.openoffice.org and use that instead!

It's rather obscene, in my view, for a vendor to include a trial version of Office.

Agreed, but unfortunately vendors are indeed starting to do that. It's all about cost-cutting and "carrot dangling".

yes i have used openoffice it is the same to use the only dislike is that it loads slowly but for free i dont mind

can word open openoffice documents for when i have to open things on another computer?? casue $150 for office is a lot

yes you just have to save the document in either doc format or rich text format

It has things like powerpoint and excel too and you can save those documents to be opened on another computer using the microsoft office products

OpenOffice can read and create documents in MS Office file formats.

It's not 100% compatible but it's not far from it. In fact it's only advanced macros that really differ.

wait got powerpoint and excel like things too??? if so screw microsoft i doin openoffice

It includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, and graphics software. Used in conjuction with Mozilla, it provides an almost complete suite of office software, and if you purchase the inexpensive retail version (Sun StarOffice) you get a database application as well.

It has almost complete file compatibility with MS Office, and it can also natively write documents in PDF or Flash format, which is somthing that Office can't do!

Go grab SOT Office 2003, it's a free program and does everything Office does I believe. If you need any help send me a pm, I'll direct you to the right place ;)

that is for linux i think that he is using some version of windows os. I would definitley say if you want it fro free openoffice.org is the way to go.

that is for linux...

I haven't used it myself, but their website does say:

"SOT Office is a free productivity suite for Windows and Linux."

yea i got windows xp

that place is just selling things like sot and openoffice for a dollar so you can have it on a cd.

I just bought a computer and it had the Microsoft Office package 60 day trial package installed on my computer too. When ever I try to open Works, it wants the 25 digit product key on the trial version cd. The problem is, I can't find any cd like that with my things. I called a customer support hotline and they told me to contact microsoft or another person about it and they would help me.
You'd need to buy the real one in 60 days anyways because it would have froze up.
One good news is that the store I bought my computer from included a $40 off Microsoft Works suite coupon which drops the price nicely.

The advice you were given is incorrect. If a PC comes with preinstalled software and no accompanying full product CD, then it is the system manufacturer or assembler who is responsible for software support, not Microsoft!

As a matter of fact, 'Trial products' supplied directly by Microsoft are not accompanied by any form of product support whatsoever in any case.

So it's the people who sold you the PC who are responsible for ensuring that any included software is supplied in a workable state.

It could be on a cd that has multiple things on it so it could be on a list on the side of the cd. On my works suite package all the cds are in one orange box and the product key is on the back on a little sticker.

if you go to college or know anyone who does i know that you can get student discounts on stuff. im at college and get office xp for 15 bucks and xp pro for 30.
you need a student id card to do it.


Think they'd take a student ID from the 'School Of Hard Knocks'? No fair, cause I'm old, and STILL learning, thanks to MS changing stuff all the time. I should get the discount, too. :p

Microsoft does give you an opportunity to "order" a new product key here: http://www.microsoft.com/office/trialkey/default.mspx
Our office lost documentation and it only took a minute or two to get the new trial key. You do have to enter personally identifying contact information such as an address, email address, phone number. Hope this helps!

new product key eh....

do you know if they supply new windows cds? i have a full copy of xp with COA and key but lost the CD

just as I was about to say "go for OpenOffice".. :)

I need to download power point. But I do not know how. Help Me Please.


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