Hi everyone, today I decided I try the beta version of Windows XP SP3 on XP Media Center Edition 2005, found here: http://dailyapps.net/2007/11/hack-attack-get-windows-xp-sp3-through-windows-update/ So I ran the file, downloaded SP3 from Windows Update and rebooted. When I rebooted I couldn't get into Windows. It would show the loading screen and then reboot. After this I freaked, I should have tried to go into safe mode and see if I could get in from there, or run BartPE and see if I can acess files in case anything happens but having freaked out I didn't really think things through and when straight to the recovery partition. After the recovery finished I booted into Windows fine all of the icons were on the desktop and everything seemed fine but they weren't. I had to reinstall some things and some I didn't even have to, all of the files were still in My Documents and all personal files were still there except my email in outlook express. Everything was gone and my settings were erased. I have Taconic DSL found here: http://www.fairpoint.com/telco/651fpcha/?folder=%2Ftelco%2F651fpcha is there a way they could restore my email? I tried everything I looked all over the place on the computer to find them and did a search for them and looked on Google looking for a solution but couldn't find anything. The only thing I can think of doing now is giving my ISP a call other than that I think I'm screwed. Any suggestions? I have no idea what to do if anyone knows a solution it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:)

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first of all the beta is not even out for SP3 i know because i do beta testing for Microsoft software, why did you trust a site that specialized in hacking.

As for your email you are not going to be able to do a search on you PC for individual emails. the mails are stored in a file with the extention .dbx do a search on your pc for that extentions after you find it you can recreate your email account and import this file your mails will then show up in outlook

PS if u saved a copy of your mail on the isp server once you recreate your account and do a send and receive you will get back all your emails.


I didn't do a search for the individual emails I did it for the file extensions. And the way I got the update to SP3 is the same way Microsoft expects its beta testers to try it out if you read the page. The upgrade is available from Windows Update once the registry is modified.


Use Windows Data Recovery Software (NTFS Data Recovery or FAT Data Recovery, depending on the file system you had before re-installation) to recover your lost .dbx file. Once the .dbx file is recovered, repair the .dbx file using DBX Repair software.

DBX Repair


I have used Stellar Phoenix pst repair software.This software recovers all my pst file and very easy to use.This software demo version is free in which you can see the preview of your recoverable.I like this feature very much.

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