Hi, i'm trying to get Bluetooth to work from my D620 running XP. In Setup the Bluetooth device is set to Enabled but i don't see the option in Control Panel in order to use it.

Anyone know why this is, or know where i can download the program from?



According to the documentation for the D620

The Bluetooth icon:
Turns on when Bluetooth® wireless technology is enabled. To enable or disable Bluetooth wireless technology, move the wireless switch to the "on" position. See wireless switch for more information.
NOTE: Bluetooth wireless technology is an optional feature on your computer, so the Bluetooth icon turns on only if you ordered Bluetooth wireless technology with your computer. For more information, see the documentation that came with your Bluetooth wireless technology.

So there should be additional documentation for the Bluetooth option, if present.


XP didn't have a Bluetooth stack of its own till SP2, and you had to use a 3rd party stack like widcomm which cames with dongle's CD. You can install SP2 or if you have it already it can be switched off due to having two stacks.

Loren Soth