What happens when your security software thinks your operating system is out to get you? Users of AVG8 discovered the answer when it decided that a Windows XP user32.dll system file was infected with a Trojan, and deleted it.

Uh oh Buck, biddly biddly biddly.

What happens when you delete the user32.dll in Windows XP? Well it might not reboot at all. If you are lucky it might try to reboot and then enter into a never ending reboot cycle. Neither are exactly good things to happen to your computer.

That said, as The Inquirer reported you cannot argue with it as being a highly effective anti-virus strategy "Try getting a Trojan to do its nefarious work under those circumstances" an Inquirer reporter said.

A small mercy was that the glitch, for want of a better word like disaster or catastrophe, only impacted users of AVG8 running Windows XP in Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish and who had updated the definition file recently.

AVG corrected the fault rather quickly, rather unsurprisingly.


That is bad, i did use AVG 8... on XP, but then i upgraded to vista.... and i haven't had any problems...

My Dad uses AVG 8 on XP and it's fine... no problems so far....

I'm scared about it now...

i'm might install something else.....


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