Security isn't a technical thing

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I shudder when I look at some of the losses there have been in data and then the amount of people who complain that it's all down to computers. Here's a big secret; it isn't. Late last years someone bought a system on eBay which had loads of private information on the hard drive. It should, said the original owner (the Social Services in the UK if I recall correctly) have been destroyed, whereas it looked as though someone had stolen it from a dump.

Well guess what - that's the fault of the person whose job it was to destroy the data in the first place, not the poor sap who ends up with a bunch of loose information and who's then honest enough to alert the authorities.

And now we have this - a Health Trust in the UK losing 6000 records because they were on a memory stick and (here's the bit that has me boggling) although it was password protected, the password was attached to the drive on a Stickie/Post-it-Note.

Once again a number of people are blaming technology. Once again, I put it to the assembled masses that the problem wasn't with the IT but with the fool who thought sticking a confidential password to the item it was supposed to be protecting was a good - or even acceptable - idea. Not to mention his or her employers, whose training policies on the subject need urgent review.

I'll stop ranting and will calm down before my next entry. But as a citizen of the country that's made such a stupid mistake and seems to continue doing so, I can't help but be annoyed!

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Worse is to come.

Guess what's going to get sliced to the bone in the downturn?

Yep, that's right, anything for which a bean-counter can't see having an immediate monetary value which can be bought or sold.

Security fits ever so snugly into this category. Another example is quality. Sure, you can ride along for a while without any problem, but the rotting has already started. Nor can such a thing be turned around immediately once someone notices there's a problem.

Security (like insurance) is one of those things where time, effort and money are expended to make sure absolutely nothing happens.

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I agree with you sir. You wouldn't leave your car keys on a table at the pub with your registration number stuck onto it.

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> Security fits ever so snugly into this category. Another example is quality.

And training, says a shareholder in a training company...

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The real problem is that the records were on a USB memory stick in any form.

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