I am using the speedstream4200 with Nvidia Nforce network adapter, How do I find out what my settings should be? upgraded from 6mb to 12mb and I can not find any info on 12mb, but 6mb is all over the place.

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Your upgrade in DSL connection should not change anything with regards to your LAN settings if thats what you mean!

The song remains the same - Led Zepplin

Accept that your download speed will be quicker and pages will load faster etc etc as any change in your ISP plan should be automatically configured by your network adaptor.

Happy High Speed Surfing!


your NIC is at least 100Mbps. 6 or 12MBps - both are still the speed setting bottleneck, so you don't need to set anything up


Well I did change some settings in my modem, because I could not log on to internet after the up grade, so where would I goto for info on how to configure my modem? I can log on now but windstream says they show me not on line. I know it sounds wierd,,, did I discover something or realy screw something up?


I dont get it????
What modem settings did you need to change to access your ISP's server?

Unless the upgrade changed your user ID and password, im lost.

It sounds weird alright but maybe im missing something here?


I am sorry for the confusion, it seems in the WAN interface , all my VC's where deleted, it was empty so I could not connect. Messing with it trying to remember what was there before was almost impossible, but guessing around I have a "VC named: 0/33 > type: 2684B" and another VC, "0/35 > Type: PPPoE". They are both enabled but only the PPPoE has a box at the end of it with a check mark in it. I remeber there was before all of this two VC's and each had a check mark box that was checked, but I do not recall the type of VC's they where. Am I making any sense at all? I am so sorry.


Thanks so much for all the help, that was very helpful. I wish I could have found that info, guess I need a lesson on searching the internet. :icon_smile: LOL,,,, Thanks so much!!!

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