This is my first post, so if this is in the wrong place, I apologise.

We run a forum that helps members of an online program. The site we all belong to is usually accessible through here: https://www.dxsynergy.com/?p=1 but they have been having problems with their server and it has gone down a few times recently and when it comes back up some of us have problems getting back in for days on end and this time quite a few people have been having problems for over a week although others can get in straight away. IE just comes up for these people with a page cannot be displayed error and firefox comes up with the message that the page is redirecting in a way that will never complete.

We have checked dnsstuff.com and there are loads of dns errors which we have told the owners of the site about, but we are wondering why some people still can't get in at all.

Would anyone know what could be causing these problems for some and not others please. Any help would be appreciated.

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