I have a workstation running XP Pro, it is hooked to a linksys router via a cat 5 cable. The workstation also has a printer connected to it. The work station has a 4 user login.

The Laptop running XP pro is connect to the router via a Dell wireless card(lattitude 610).

Both computers can surf the web and ping each other. The workstation can see the laptop and all files.

The Laptop cannot see the workstation or any of the files or printer.

I've chased this rabbit for almost a week and I give up.

I need to be able to print and share files woitht he workstation form the laptop.

I have been down the road of file sharing and file and print sharing and I do not know where to go next.

All advise is appreciated.


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As the Laptop is able to get to the internet, and as the workstation can see the laptop, we know that:

* Hardware is good. If the workstation could not see the laptop, this would not be good.
* Laptop's protocol is set accordingly. Can get to the internet.

This means there is something on the workstation blocking the laptop.

* Does the workstation have anything enabled to connect to, such as a fileshare or printshare?
* Are the shares on the workstation configured properly?
* Is there a firewall, or XP SP2 with the Windows Firewall running on the Workstation blocking the packets?

Let us know.


I can ping the workstation from the laptop, but cannot bring up the workstation in my network neighborhood.

I have file shared everything I can find and yes turned off the firewall on both computers. I think the problem is in the fact that the workstation has 4 user logins. I'm the admin, my wife and my two kids. We all have our own login and own files.

One thing I have noticed. On the laptop, I can see the shared files of the laptop. But on the workstation I cannot see any of the files I have sharedon the workstation. Of course this is all in explorer.


Well silly question here, are both computers in the same workgroup?

both firewalls are off and they both have the same workgroup name, spelled correctly and in the same case.

Something I've noticed, Both copmuters can see the laptop in network neighborhood, but the workstation can see the laptop, but not itself.

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