ive st up a switch on one computer plugged it in and assigned it an ip address and a subnet mask of something like this and when i started to set up the network it asks me to save a configerating file to my memory stuck
do i take that to the other computers and there shared folders should turn up on my network places

also if i was to share my C:/ drive on another computer could i map it on my main pc

hope im not boring you

bondi 007

Yes you can access the shared folders from your computer of the same network. And no need to map your s drive just make it share thats it

you don't even need to put anything on a flash drive.

after you set up the home network it asks you to put a setup file on to flash or floppy so all the computers can share


you dont' have to do that, just setup sharing on all the computers.

> and i set it to ms home like on the other one also i set it to
subnet mask can never EVER be that long.
i think you mean

so if i assign it to mshome it would be in the same folder?

what do you mean by "same folder"?

the mshome workgroup will only allow you to "see" other computers and their shared folders, printers, etc... it won't create a new folder or in any other way change the files or folders as they appear on any of the machines.

you can setup shared folders by right clicking on one, properties, then sharing.

sorry thats waht i mean so if i assign it to mshome the computers shared folder will be there