I was trying to do a test to friend’s laptop Fujitsu Siemens AMILO Pro V2000 Modelname FB21 (after he had done fresh installation to windows XP Prof SP2), with built-in wireless card : Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection.

I tried to connect this laptop to two wireless routers ( Siemens SpeedStream 4200 and Netgear DG634 G) I could not!!!!!,,,,

While with my other laptop (Satellite Toshiba) I was able to establish a connection with both routers ( Siemens SpeedStream 4200 and Netgear DG634 G), I have used same configuration on both laptops.

I was not able to figure out where is the problem with friend’s laptop Fujitsu !!!! Any advice how can I troubleshoot where is the problem ?

Now definitely the problem with the laptop , because by using two routers we have assured that there is nothing wrong with a router.

With Fujitsu Siemens I have used the fsc odyssey wireless client utility for configuration (shipped with the Siemens CD)

It is on dynamic IP and yes I did reboot the system

On Fujitsu Siemens I could not find any physical switch to be switched on, while on my Toshiba, there is such a switch.

Although SSID on both routers were enabled to be broadcasted on , it was not available in a wireless networks list for Fujitsu Siemens laptop !!!!!