Well i just got a new comp it's a HP a6200t and it came with Windows Vista Home and i recently switched it to Windows Xp for problems. Now i try to connect to the internet but it says no connection. I try to set it up wizard hardware installation and nothing. My ethernet adapter is a Accton EN1208 with all drivers my computer has not connection in he Network Connections Folder not even Local Area Connection plz help someone i have an At&t Dsl Modem someone help me plz. Much Thanks! <(^-^<)

Are you connecting your DSL modem directly to your computer, or do you have a router connected? There could be a number of issues affecting your connection status but this depends on what type of home networking configuration you have. Otherwise you may need to reinstall the drivers for your network card since you made the switch to vista. Once you can get me a few more details, I may be able to help. If you right click on your internet explorer icon and go to ie properties, tab over to connection, then use the connection wizard to attemp to set up. If this does not work, reply back and we will try something else.

Most likely is that Accton EN1208 does not have drivers for XP. Go back to Vista and it will connect.

It sounds so me like you have a driver problem. When you switched from vista to xp you lost the driver. Look to see it that particular ethernet adapter has a driver available in xp. This can easily be googled.

if you see no local area connectionsin the network connections folder than def. the pc does not see the NIC.

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