Ok I don't know a whole lot about networking etc... but I was messing with it trying to set up a static IP for a torrenting app and it messed up my default router IP, it said there was an error with some setting I changed and set my default router IP to instead of What is it that I changed and how do I change it back? I attached a Screen shot of my router interface and the settings it has. I try setting up a static IP and port forward for utorrent but it says that I'm unable to set up a port forward because that IP is already in use or something but it isn't as far as I know... I have only this computer connected to the internet on my network and like 4 xbox 360s all of which obtain theirs automatically. I would appreciate suggestions on what to do to get the best results with my IP settings/port forwarding and also how to get my default IP back to!
Thanks :]

Make sure you don't confuse your router's IP addresses. The one shown in the screenshot is actually your external IP address, the one it uses to connect to the internet. You should not change this one unless you are experiencing ISP difficulties and they tell you to change it. The one you can actually play around with is your internal IP address. I don't know where this is on Netgear routers, on my D-Link it's in Home->LAN.

Also note that you probably don't need or want a static IP address for your computer, just leave the DHCP settings as they are on the router, and your computer will get its IP address from the router. If you don't overcomplicate things, they tend to work better.

Log into router using 10.0.01 and you'll find under Lan settings or similar that you can change router's address to; don't forget to check that subnet mask is still255.255.255.0

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alright that worked. Thanks Roleo :]