Hello Everyone,

I would like some help please,.

I have a network(3 pc(windows me),1(windows xp, this has the internet connection i want to share)), all computers see each other and share files , but i am trying to share the internet connection and i cant :cry: , i follow the steps to activate the ics, and it seems that everything was ok, i make the disk setup and install to the others computers, but they cant go to internet yet. :sad:

I need help!!!, please!,. i dont know what i am doing wrong.

ps. In the xp ,In the network connections , the internet connection says "shared", and the firewall in the other connection(the one to connect to the network, the firewall is off).

Thank you for dedicated the time to read my post,.


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See here for tips. If you have further questions, please post them here.


If you do have further questions, please offer us more information.

* Which computer has the internet connection, and the local network connections?
* What are the IP numbers you are using?
* Any other special software involved (Norton products, internet products)
* Any wireless routers or other things involved?

Details are important.



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