Okay first heres the issue---

my internet drops so often that i cannot use messenger. play online games such as World of warcraft, or even watch streaming videos. and u can forget about downloading anything. this started about a week ago.

why not get tech support right? ....well heres that issue
I moved to Mexico City, and the service here is beyond TERRIBLE it took 3 weeks just to get connected. and barily worked a month. and they dont send out people...they say give us 48 hrs blah blah. nothing gets solved so thats that.....

heres what i tried

Physicaly and manully resetting the modem, unplugging power all that stuff none of that help it. its not just my pc we are connect two via cables. and one wireless and they all seem to have the same issues (the wireless seems to work a lil better i tried on my PSP)

i really dont know what todo. i can wait another month and MAYBE get help ....

heres my pc stuff

Internet, Prodigy infinity or something.
Windows XP sp2
2gig ram
512 generic video card
120 gig HD....
modem is 2701HG-T Gateway
and am using some generic swtich....but that duzent seem to be the issue

I can view pages. most. and i do often get ¨server reset¨ (every few mins) and i keep refreashing and well thats okay i guess.....

thanks for reading and please help if u can

after more trial and error nothigns changed. bu t what it feels like the connection between the net and pcs are resetting or dropping every 10-15mins i been playing with the wireless no change either....