Hey, I have a speedtouch 330 with pipex 1.1Mbps.
Yesterday I was cleaning out my registry with EASYCLEANER which found problems and I deleted them. Later on the internet just went dead.
Now heres the problem. It says I am connected to pipex and all that, but when I open INTERNET EXPLORER/MOZILLA/MSN MESSENGER nothing happens. In IE/MOZILLA it says "Looking for http://bbc.co.uk..... for example, and then says "page not found."

Could this be to do with the editing of the regsitry you think?

By the way, I am writing this on my sisters laptop using the same modem and the same pipex connection, which obviously means the modems fine!

Thanks in advance.

Matt Levis

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yeah the easycleaner or w/e (you really should not mess with registry unless you know what to do yourself dont trust programs) could of recoginized some sortof ethernet/modem drivers as malicious cuz they probably had some weird name and so it deleted them. if you have the software drivers on a cd i would try and reinstall it, if not or if that doesnt work i would see if you have a restore point to the day before this happened and i would restore your system to there.


Yeh not gonna mess with registry every again. In the end i've just re-installed windows xp which has sorted the program.

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