i have a problem here...
i'm using broadband router...
when my friends checking in command prompt there is a connection between router and my computer but i cant access internet...the other computer which also using this router can access internet...
can anyone help me??pleaseee....

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what OS are you using
have you tried opening a comand prompt
type ipconfig/relese
hit enter
wait for results
then ipconfig/renew
also try ipconfig/flushdns
what are the results from above?
when you try to connect, what error do you get?
also try connecting to the internet in safe mode with networking as a test
it also maybe winsock
download this program, make sure you click winsock and are downloading winsock


im using windows xp sp2...
ive tried it but it doesn't worked..

the result shows the command successfully executed..

i also executed the winsock fix..but the problem still the same...
i could not access the internet...=(


Are you connected wired or wirelessly? If wirelessly, can you check with a cable and see if you have the same issue?


did you try with safe mode with networking

do ipconfig/all
what is your ip

are you sure the cat5cable is staight through and not a cross over cable ?
when you remove the cable at the router a coresponding lamp for that connector on the router should go out and come back on when plugging back in, the same at the back of the pc

do you have any firewalls including xp's firewall
has this pc ever been infected
how is the pc running in general

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