Hi urm....i have a NetGear Router Downstairs which is connected to the main computer in the house...upstairs i have my laptop and another computer in my brothers room..we have the fastest internet going at the moment but it goes slow for my laptop and my brothers computer upstairs but very fast for the main computer downstairs. I plugged an internet cable into my laptop connecting to the netgear router downstairs and it was going the speed it was ment to go but the lead gets in the way and people trip over so its a whole lot of bother. I was wondering if their was anything i could buy or do to any of the computers to make it go faster for me and my brother's laptop and computer upstairs.

plz help thx

Fuzzpot :)

you are using wireless, right?

and the closest pcs to the router work best, right?

yea bcoz the internet lead is connected to it...all im lookin 4 is the best router on the market tht keeps the same internet speed over wireless as the internet cable does. But if can u can solve the problemo then ill be more than gratefull

thx ^^

wireless is always slower and less stable than simple cable. not much you can do about it without spending money on access points, directional antennas and whatnot. I always said - just put some effort into proper cabling

ok. thanks for the elp m8

Could you link me the best 1 on the market at the moment please?

and these will connect to a netGear router?? if not could u link me a netgear one if possible, thx

In me prev. work I has a CheckPoint SPLAT system connected over p2p vpn to a netgear router. as long as the protocols match, everything should be connectible, unless you get a noname router from a company that thinks it knows best

I didnt quite understand ... maybe im stupid as im only 17 ... What i cant understand is that my router is slow on the internet over wireless & if I try to transfer a file from my computer which is cabled to one that is wireless, the connection drops out as well (this also happens if I wanna print) ... ive checked the signal strenth on the wireless connections and they are 90 - 100% ... I am using WEP channel 8 in g&b mode ... cheerz

as I said - if you want stable communictions, use a cable