Hello. This is my first problem ever posted in this forum. I have a problem to setup my network when using AP and a wired Router. Here is my configuration.

1. Prolink DSL Router / Modem - Prolink Hurricane 9000P

IP Address:

DHCP Server Enabled

2. LinkSys Wi-Fi Access Point - LinkSys BEFW11S4

wired to Prolink DSL Router
IP Address

Wireless IP Address
IP Address:

DHCP Server Enabled

The problem is, I cannot access the LinkSys AP from the computer connected to the Prolink DSL Router. I have tried to add a route to the routing table in Prolink DSL Router but, still cannot access the LinkSys AP. In the Prolink Router, I can see the IP and MAC address of the LinkSys AP. I also tried to ping the AP, no replied.

PC ( ) <----> Prolink ( <----> (-Wired - ) LinkSys AP ( - Wireless) <-----> PC (

The wireless PC ( can access internet, but cannot access any sharing document on

PC ( cannot access the LinkSys on any IP either or (i need to access for AP configuration - I know that this AP have 4 RJ45)

What should I do to my to access the (LinkSys AP). Thank you.

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You're confusing a couple of terms that are important to your particular problem: AP (access point) and Router; the two devices are quite different. An AP enables wireless devices configured for a given network/subnetwork to access the wired portion of that same network/subnet, while a router is used to connect computers (wired or wireless) on two different networks.

1. The Linksys BEFW11S4 is not an access point, it is a full-fledged wired/wireless router; if you were using a true Access Point such as a Linksys WAP11 or WAP54G you wouldn't have the issues you're running in to.

2. The BEFW11S4 has remote access/administration disabled by default (IIRC).That means that because you're trying to connect to the BEFW11S4 from computers connected to the Prolink and via the BEFW11S4's WAN port, your requests to the BEFW11S4's configuration on that port are considered to be "remote", and access will be denied.

3. Being a true router, the WAN-facing side of the BEFW11S4 can be configured to obtain its IP settings from your Prolink via DHCP, while still acting as an independent/second NAT-capable DHCP server for the computers connected to its LAN-facing side. The default DHCP configuration of Linksys routers is to assign IP addresses in the 192.168.1 range to computers connected to its LAN side, so this automatically places the machines behind the Linksys on a different network that those connected to your Prolink.

There lies the basis of your problem. Ideally, you want all of your computers to be on the same 10. network; if they aren't, you will have problems such as you're encoutering.

I have to log off for a bit right now, but if you need me to post more info on how to get the BEFW11S4 and the computers attached to it on the same network as those conncted to the Prolink I can do that. Just look into the info I posted above a bit further, see if the documentation for the BEFW11S4 is of any help, and repost if you have more questions.

Thank to DMR for giving me such gooud explaination about the problem I am facing. Your post clearing the cloud above me about the term of networking jargon.

By the time I'm reading your reply, I'm have very busy schedule.

What I have done my selft is put a route setting in the BEFW11S4. Look like this: network: / subnet: / getway:

Result: Any PC connected to BEFW11S4 can access any PC on Prolink Site but not the another way around.

Then, I remove the above setting, but the effect still there.

What should I look on?


I suggest you return the Linksys router and get a AP like DMR mentions and a switch or hub if you need more 10/100 ports. These are all layer 2 ethernet devices that you need to create one network behind your DSL router

If you are, or want to be a network engineer you should fight your way through the problems of running multiple instances of NAT and DHCP along with static routing.

...you should fight your way through the problems of running multiple instances of NAT and DHCP along with static routing.

A good idea, but it could get ugly. :mrgreen:


w1r3sp33d has pretty much outlined your basic problem: because you have two routers, you are going to have issues concerning multiple routes and gateways. Configuring a network topology like that can certainly be done, but it definitely over-complicates things for a small home network.

If you want to stick with the Linksys router (as opposed to buying a simple switch), and your version of BEFW11S4 has an "uplink" port, see the instructions in the links below. The configuration they describe basically bypasses the router's WAN/gateway side and uses only its LAN switch side.


Another method would be to connect the Prolink and Linksys as you've already done (prolink switch port-->LinksysWAN port, but also:

- Go into the Dynamic Routing tab of the BEFW11S4's setup utility and change the router mode from "Geateway" to "Router".

- Turn off DHCP on the Linksys.

- Configure the Linksys with static IP info corresponding to the Prolink's 10. network. To avoid addressing conflicts, you will need to make sure that the Linksys' IP is outside of the range (scope) of DHCP addresses handed out by the Prolink. That is, if the Prolink's DHCP function is configured to assign addresses between and, using any static IP from .51-->.254 will avoid the possibility of ending up with duplicate IPs on the network.

* I don't actually have a BEFW11S4 in front of me at the moment, so the above suggestions are not specific (and may not be totally accurate), and your available configuration options may depend on the exact version of your BEFW11S4.

:cheesy: I was able to use my BEFW11S4 as an AccessPoint by:

Enabling DCHP on my non BEFW11S4 router.
(Also, the DCHP range for this router was -

Disabling DCHP on my BEFW11S4.

Giving it a static IP address to the BEFW11S4 of (anything outside the range, but less than

I ran an ethernet cable from the main router to the BEFW11S4. do NOT use the WAN port. again, do NOT use the WAN port. Most (or maybe all) BEFW11S4 do not have an uplink port anymore, as it can auto sense what you're trying to do. Just plug the cable from the main router into the BEFW11S4 in one of the regular ports. I used #1 or #4 for kicks.

I was then able to get the BEFW11S4 to work (only) as a Access Point.

The key points are:
Disable DCHP.
Static IP address, not in the range of the router which gives DHCP addresses.
BEFW11S4 wired to the main router, but NOT using the WAN port, but rather one of the other ports.


Hope that helps.

Okay...I've been searching the Internet, and this looks like the most intelligent board....

This is what I want to do: I want to extend my network between two rooms of my house (with several computers in each room), via two wireless routers. The first is the microsoft wireless router...the other is the BEFW11S4. My cable modem is in the room with the microsoft router, while the BEFW11S4 would be in the other room. So what I need help with is connecting to to "WAN" via the wireless connection on the BEFW11S4--or even just making sure that it sees the other network. I just need the BEFW11S4 to function as a bridge--that's it--and I can't find how to do it anywhere.


Hi jeepn_sigep,

First of all- welcome to TechTalk! :)

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Thanks for understanding.

got here by googleing "problems with two routers". Thanks!

I have a DLink DI-707 router with a DLink wireless DI-525 wireless G plugged i n, both running DHCP and on different areas of same subnet. I disabled the DHCP on the wireless and changed its ip address to outside the Di707 and also discovered it had autosensing as suggested above (ie: I could not use the "wan" connection).

...thanks all..

Joseph "Beemer Biker" Stateson

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