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The sites do not come up.

I can resolve the domain names to IP address I assume this is your home public IP address. You may want to see if your NT box has a software firewall enabled.

I would also recommend setting your webserver to a static IP address. If your IP changes because you are using DHCP, you will have to go and change all the port forwarding settings again.

What OS are you using?


I am using Windows NT Server and I am using a linksys router that is supposed to forward all the ports to that server. My email is making it in and out so I can't figure why my http Port 80 won't.


where are you getting theses domain names? are these domain names that you have registerd? does you router have a build in firewall? I have a Dlink DI 604 and its got a firewall build in, so in the configuration I have to allow the ports to pass through the firewall, plus forward all the requested port to the static ip of my server box.

While trying to find out how to set up my server, I someone directed me tohttp://www.portforward.com

this is a great site, browse around but here is your router:

I'm not sure on how to make the ip static with that router, but you should be able to figure it out after that site.

hope that helps


A lot of popular Cable providers are blocking port 80. You might want to check with your ISP to make sure this isn't an issue.

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