I used to have a W2000 Adv Server PDC, in which the domain name was "example.com". We also have an internet domain "example.com". We've never had an issue with this (both domains coexisted with no conflict at all). Now I have re-installed the PDC on another server (this time with W2003). I replaced one server with the new one last week. I kept the same domain name "example.com" in the new active directory. Everything turned out well, except that we can't solve the internet domain name "example.com" internally from our LAN. It sounds perfectly logical. But how can I solve it? I guess there is a way, as it was working until last week. I don't know how the previous server was setup in order to do this, and i've already dissected it into a thousand parts. Thanks a lot to anyone who took the time to read this!!

Are trying to "resolve" the domain name. As in are you trying to get to the website located at example.com? Do you only have 1 server in the domain now, or do you have many?

I can't access the website www.example.com from any pc in the lan, though I can from outside. I can ping the ip address of the server that hosts the website, but I can't ping www.example.com cause I can't resolve the domain name (I get "unknown host"). I've got only 1 domain controller. DNS works fine either resolving computer names internally in the lan, or resolving internet domains. But, as both domains are called example.com, when a computer in the lan tries to get to www.example.com, the pdc (which is obviously the dns server for every pc in the lan) "gets confused" because it's actually hosting a local domain itself with the same name and it never directs you to the ip address where the internet domain is actually hosted. The bottom line is - I don't know how to set up the dns server in the pdc in a way that it can resolve www.example.com right, pointing to the correct internet ip address, and still function as a domain controller.
Am I being clear? I know I don't often express myself very well. My English is not very good either. Nor my computer knowledge.