I am having a major headach with my wireless router. My router disconnects me every 2min or less. Which is becoming a pain for me because the other computers on the network is becoming extremely unstable.

I have the wireless router connected to my computer tower and every 2mins, I see a the pop up of Local Area Connection Disconnected and it reconnects itself within a sec. Which is been do this for a day or so. I have no idea what is going on I have rested my router settings and re-set it again. Also I have updated my lastest Firmware that is offer by the Manufacture.

Currently I am running Win2K and with a Blitzz Wireless 802.11G Network Router and 2 USB 2.0 Adpoters with my other computers. As usual tech-support could not figure what is going on.

SO Please Help!!!!!! Thank You

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I am curious what a packet sniffer would say about the connection. Also wondering if your area has a history of power problems... is your router on a UPS? If not, do you have one available to steady the power to the unit?

I am also wondering if you have conflicting DHCP servers, or some other service running on the network that is causing a reconfiguration of the IP stack, or perhaps the connection itself.


Thank you for the advises.
What is going on now. I have found out it was one of the computer on the network is causing the problem. Everytime this particular computer is on , the entire network go on and off. This Computer runs OS WinXp while other computers is WIn2K.
While running network with the Win2k systems everything seen fine but the WinXp starts up it started the disconnections.
I am trying to change the channel for the wireless setting and DHCP servers is setup correctly as what was done before.
I still have no idea what is going with that particular computer that would cause the entire network running crazy.

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