Hi all,

The company i work for is rearranging their network drives and they assigned our department the task of designing a new structure and make an inventory of the existing folders on the networkdrives.

designing a new folder structure will be no problem. Making an folderlisting however is. All owners of the folders (and their files in them) have to tell us if they want to keep the folder.

What i am looking for is something i can use to automaticly create a list of folders and subfolders in a given directory. (the files in the folders don't have to be listed, it's actually prefered that they aren't listed)

ps. we can't install any software on our pc's.

"ps. we can't install any software on our pc's." Oh? Then can you write something yourself? I don't mean with a pencil and paper... Anyway, it may be laborious, but if you can't install sware then maybe you could investigate the - tree - cmd.
Yeah... and if you think that will do then use Properties in the cmd window to... oh, heck, rclick the top blue? border of the cmd window. There you will find in Properties many options to alter the display of the cmd window to suit. And then you can screenshoot the thing, or use the Edit option to select and copy which gives you an editable listing. Go crazy.

I've written a program in VB6 that will create folders based on existing folders. You can either install it (which of course you can't do) or just run it and hope you have msvbvm60.dll which is a standard dll for vb6 utilities.
You select the directory with the folders you want. A listbox shows the listed folders. You can select which, or all, folders. Click Add to Keep list. You then select the directory you want the Folder Names and click Add New Folders. No files, just the Folder Names.

Write to me - eddiesawdust@yahoo.com.au
My new account amongst many others (hehehe)

See some of my vb6 utilities at

Unfortunnately Geocities is closing down soon and all my files will be gone. I am unable to load any new files on this site.

Sounds handy for rebuilding a file sys in a replacement computer, etc, Jupiter. Just network the two and go gor it.

It seems that demiweb does not allow zip Upload files

I've just zipped the folder.
The application is in Folderlist/Support Folder
The Setup files are in FolderList Folder

There are no advertisements or MaLware. Please scan for virus before you unzip. You need to email me an email address. You can create a Yahoo Account and I can send it there. Try itit will not harm any computer. It has dropdown Drive and directory comboboxes to select a drive oand directory. The only problem is that it may not "see" network drives. I've only written for Drive Letters. It also only copies subfolders one level down, not sub/sub folders.

Since you have windows and can not install software, here's how I would do it:

A."Create a file":
1. Paste this to notepad: @echo off dir %1 /-p /s /o:gn > "%temp%\Listing" start /w notepad "%temp%\Listing" 2. Save it as printdir.bat in your Windows folder

B."Create a new action for file folders": 1. Click Start, click Control Panel (or, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel), and then click Folder Options.
2. On the File Types tab, click File Folder.
3. Click Advanced, and then click New.
4. In the Action box, type:
5. In the Application used to perform action box, type:
6. Click OK.
7. Click OK, click OK, and then click Close.

Now you can right click on any folder (local or network) and select NotePad to send its directory printout to a notepad document :)
The above method should list every single file & folder. This is my most used script, and I use it on every pc I use. If I remember correctly, I had to modify this script slightly from this one on ms' site: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=321379

The one on their site may just list the folders? I don't remember. Also if you have folder association problems, see that support thread for the simple fix.

"It seems that demiweb does not allow zip Upload files"
Go Advanced, Manage Attachments, browse to your .zip file.

I did that and it shows a list of accepted extensions and the size limit. Zip is listed but the size limit is "-" . I tried to attach and after ten minutes it still hadn't worked. The window ended up not responding. I halted internet traffic in case something was interferring then restored traffic. I tried again and still no luck.

Mmm.. works okay for me. Just did a test loading of a zip file..

thanks for letting me know. Maybe because I'm a newbie, I am restricted. Anyway, it doesn't matter any more. The Questioner only wants a Dos command and not a utilitiy.

Thnx for all the help.

We solved it with a very low-tech solution. we gave the assignment to the kid doing his internship at our department. just copying all the foldernames in an excel sheet.

But i'm going to use the scripts for my home pc. So thnx for all the guidance