ok right now I currently have Verizon highspeed internet (DSL) and i have my main computer hooked up to it. everything on that end is fine. I have another comp, however, back in my bedroom that i want to hook up to DSL as well. how can i hook both comps up to DSL and will i have to pay bills for two seperate internet hookups?

Buy a router or look into a thing called Internet Connection Sharing

it wont cost you any more per month, just the cost of the hardware

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+1 to JBennet, you'll probably want wireless so you'll need a router (for this simple configuration any one will do) and a wireless adapter for the computer in your bedroom.

Buy a router, read the set-up instructions (which tend to be pretty user friendly), and connect the main computer to the routerusing an ethernet cable and the bedroom computer using wireless.

As far as the router, any simple router will be fine but as brands go I suggest Netgear or Linksys (leaning towards linksys on business set-ups) and D-link isn't bad either.

The only benefit of a wired or wireless router is that you dont need to have a pc on all the time. If you use ICS, the computer connected to the modem must always be on. However its cheaper to use ICS as all is you need is two network cards (may have some already - only about $10-$15 anyway) and a CROSSOVER cable which is like $15 for 20 meters.

Linksys is the best. Have 2 myself and i like em. Bad experiences with D-Link but netgear are ok.

Internet connection sharing is great, but not always practical.

You need to:
a. Be able to run the cable, or do wireless and have a router (I know you can ad-hoc wireless but it's a pain)
b. Have the primary computer be "always on"
c. Be willing to do the configuration.

1. If you rent, and don't want a cable running across your living room, hard-wiring in't practical and its' just ridiculous if you have any desire of a laptop.
2. Prety self exclamatory, a lot of people don't leave there computer on all the time, ninjitsu might but I don't know.
3. Somebody who needs advice on something this simple would probably be better off spending an extra few dollars and just get a router. If you didn't even know what a router was/did would you want to learn how to configure a shared network environment using cross-over cables?