hi all
i want to connect two computer on myhome. i have cable and a switch ..no server...
please write step to achive target.i don't know much about networing......

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If you have 2 computers (only one connected to the internet) Then using a switch will only allow the 2 computers to talk to each other. (Given they have a trust relationship)

If you are looking to 'share' your internet connection you will need a proxy server or as stated before - a router/gateway.


actually, there is no internet coonnection in PC's.i have only a cross cable and a switch.i did general work for connecting computers such as connecting wire .....etc...
i have xp on both pc's.i installed all needed software adapter....etc.but what to enter in default getway,ipaddress,subnetmask in property of internet connection......................


I studying in school. i have to complete assinment but it difficult to complete. please any one can help me to do that...

This is the assinment ...................

The company that you work for is called 123Computers.com, which is basically a company selling computer hardware parts through the internet and to walk in dealers.
There is an urgent need to create a secured environment to enable the online customers to trust the online transactions that they would be performing. Having enhanced security measurements in terms of both hardware and software would improve the trustworthiness of the clients and would eventually improve sales as they would feel secured to transact. Currently, the company has no such security measures and is losing customers due to unsecured environment. More and more issues on cyber crime have been on the rise.
As a Network engineer, you are required to perform the following tasks:

1 Identify the potential security threats [30 marks]
2 Propose security measures that are to be taken. Explain in detail their functionalities and justify its appropriateness in the proposed environment. [30 marks]
3 Explain the pros and cons of the measures proposed. [20 marks]
4 Develop a budget for the security imposed on the company [20 marks]

Reply me soon..........


Please dont hijack threads man... This has nothing to do with the post at hand, and you are basically asking us to do your work for you.
Google is your friend...

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