Hi., firstly i want a say thanks for reading my post.

-My house have FOUR computers..we all shared a broadband connection. we are using Level one WIRED router.

My problem:
-My online game facing frequent dc and it happens when my (TWO) friends starting to download couple of movies(non-stop). I talked to them and they was wondering if theres any solution so that i can play again.

-i was wondering if i could set the speed limitation to each PCs. If possible, can anyone tell me how?


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Select "Start" and "Run." Type in "gpedit.msc" and hit "Enter." This will open up the Windows Group Policy page.
Step 2

Select "Computer Configuration," followed by "Administrative Templates," "Network" and "QOS Package Scheduler." A new display will appear on the right side of the screen.
Step 3

Select "Limit Reservable Bandwidth." This will bring up the bandwidth properties.
Step 4

Select "Settings." In the middle of the screen will be a bandwidth percentage limiter. It will most likely already be set at 20 percent. Increase this amount to a desirable setting and click "OK."

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thank you sfahmad2kf

Does that mean if i set the limitation to 80%, the computer can only access to the maximum of 0.2mb?


hi iam having the same problem but mine little different , we are 4 friends in 1 house and we got 2 mgps and 3 of my friends downloading movies and i wanna play online , i wanna limit thier download limit from my pc can i do that ?

we are using wi fi Router

and thank u

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