Hi everyone,

I need some help, you see my cousin wants me to network 2 of her pc's together. ok here is the deal.

She is the owner of a child daycare and uses a program called Childcare Manager. This program organizes everything form employees log in hours to child attendance. Ok here the problem she wants to be able to see all the data inputted on the front desk computer(PC-B) on hers (PC-A).

Now I have them on the same network I can see PC-b for A and vice versa. now the thing is I got it to where my cousin can open the program on PC-B by sharing the HD, but she doesn't get real time updates and if the program is open on PC-B no data appears .

Now I know this can be done because she told me she had it like that before but that PC-A crashed and when someone fixed it they were unable to get it working again.

Both have Windows XP Home and are on the same work group.

thank you all for any help you might be able to share.

You really need to contact the software manufacturer they are all designed differently on how they get networked together and there is a setting in the software that we wouldn't know unless we had the software in front of us to look at.

alright thanks I'll get in touch with them to see if they can help

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