I have a dsl connection which is connected to a wireless router.I was receiving signals and was able to access internet.recently i fromatted my computer and iam not getting the signals but i can see some other wireless network in my range except mine.so i tried to install the wireless router driver cd into my other computer where the modem and router is connected. But it is showing that disable the router function of the modem.

MY modem is westbell.
Router is D-Link

Can anyone please help me to find the solution.I will be thankfull

Can we define your PCs? PC which can see wireless networks is Acomp and other one is Bcomp.
Acomp is working ok since its WiFi card can detect Wlans.
If your router has a problem, dealing with it via WiFi is difficult. Use Bcomp and check/set up router via ethernet; SSID and password etc. When you're sure that router is working OK, Acomp should detect its Wlan and you can connect after entering password.
Finally, for Bcomp you can disable ethernet card, enable WiFi and both PCs can now connect via WiFi.

Try checking the firmware on that router, wireless access point may have gotten turned off somehow. PCA should be able to log on to it using the default gateway IP in your URL bar.

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