Hello everyone.
How do i know if my motherboard has onboard networking capabilities. i.e that it can connect to another computer without the use of a separate network card ?
My motherboard is an Nvidia 650i Ultra T1 version.
It has a built in ethernet port but I am not sure if I need another card.
I had tried to network it to another computer but the test was unsuccessful.
Help will be appreciated.

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hi Konyango.
when you did the first test, what type of cable did you use? you're supposed to use a crossover cable if you're connecting 2 PCs directly. and when you say you want to network the computers i assume you want to share the internet connection that you have. well, if that is the case ,then you need another NIC card so that you can proceed or just buy a small switch.

and by the way, your name sounds so much Kenyan!


The crossover cable I have and I also did some more research on finding out if my motherboard has the onboard network card. And I found some more research to see if I could succeed another try.

And by the way, I am kenyan.


Hello again, after more trials and reading I finally succeeded, all Thanks to God. The motherboard does have onboard networking capability.

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