Hello, I am a novice in the field of networking. I wonder if you can help me on a networking issue in my home. I have a HP laptop (have wireless capability) which is connected to the internet using a speed touch 330 ADSL modem. (no ethernet capability for the modem). My broadband service is an 'upto 8Mb' ADSL service from virgin which is supplied through a BT phoneline (Non cabled broadband service of virgin).

Recently I also bought a desktop and was hoping to connect my desktop (have wireless capability) to the same internet connection. Inorder to materialise this, I bought a 'BUFFALO Wireless G125 (WHR - G54S-1) High speed Broadband router' which has the dual capability of working with cable/DSL connection. I thought I could establish a wireless network to connect my desktop also to the internet using the BUFFALO router. Here begins my problem.

I can connect only a cable (in case of cable broadband) or an 'ethernet cable' of the dsl modem/router (in case of non cabled broadband) behind my BUFFALO router (in total, this router have one cable port, one WAN port and 4 LAN ports). As per the instruction manual sent along with the BUFALLO router, I have to connect the ethernet cable of my dsl modem/router behind the WAN port of the BUFFALO router for it to get broadband signals. I am sure by now you would have gussed my problem. .. yes, I have indeed made the wrong choice in selecting my router. The present internet connection which I have is using a USB modem (speed touch one) and hence I have no option to connect this modem to the BUFFALO router.

Here ends my sad story and if you all don't mind I have two questions

[1] Is there any way I could use the BUFFALO router in this scenario?

[2] if the answer to tha above question is 'yes', please give me an explanation on how to do it?

Thankyou in advance.

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You really only have 2 choices and they do not include your BUFFALO router.
1: connect laptop and pc via adhoc connection and use ICS to share internet connection
2: buy WiFi router/modem and have a proper WLan; Speedtouch make a good one.

We all learn by our mistakes.

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