I am curious about the theoretical bandwith of 802.11G device. I understand under normal network conditions and 802.11G wireless adapter will never reach 54Mbps speed. However say these speeds are attainable (out of luck) would and usb 1.1 Wireless adapter be limited to 12mbps speed or the speed of the 802.11G spec????

Yes, 11Mbps.

You answered your own question.

To reuse an old adage, "A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link."

also, one can prove just about anything theoretically.

I can prove "Icecream is better than happiness" or something like you are not one person but two :p

also be aware 802.11g is not a standard yet :)

Yes, 11Mbps.


Yes 11 mbs would be as fast as you can go but actual data of ethernet cable bandwidth is about %60 percent efficient due to signal collisions and such and this increases over distance...im sure the same is true for wireless G...in my personal expirence i get about 10 mbps on my linksys G network...its not too fast for data transfers...but for internet its great

Thank you for this post, it has helped me resolve a similar issue I have with my wifi dongle. I can only seem to get 11mb p/s using usb 1.1.. yes i have a nail for a pc.