i already setup a wireless connection in my house. the modem is connected to the router through Ethernet cable(rj45) and the router is connected to the LAN port in my desktop through Ethernet cable(rj45).

i was wondering if how can you setup a wireless connection if you don't have a desktop? Is the desktop serves as the server?. Please help because my sister is asking me to setup hers but i don't know how because she only has 1 computer.

a good explanation would be very much appreciated.


Yes you can set up a wireless connection with only one computer (laptop or desktop). The only real requirement is to connect initially with a wire to configure the router and set your wireless access codes.

yes for the purpose of initially setting up the router you need to hardwired connect a computer to your sister's router and use it to configure the router once the it is properly configure you may connect now to your laptop to the wireless signal the router will be broadcasting.

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