I figured if I could get a good answer, it would be here ;) I am hosting my website on my own ubuntu server (finally learned how to do this, just barely). I am using DynDns
free service for static ip and have it's hostname, my user name etc. configured in my router (in fact, there is a slot for DynDns in my router-Linksys. Everything was working for a few days, my site was up and I could click 'update dns' and it would update my ip. Now, for the whole day mostly, it says the 'the server is closed'. I was doing this on and off yesterday too, but now it's gone. While it is freee, it is frustratiing. I am wondering if there is something I am doing wrong? I am not using an update client like ddl- it all looked quite complicated. Should I be looking for another dns provider, even if I have to pay a little? I would love some help with this, I can't show my site if it isn't up, and it's supposed to be a demo site to show to (perspective?) clients hopefully, of how their online store could look. thanks

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