I am trying to set up a network with a wired and a wireless computer via a wireless router running dsl. I have run the network setup wizard, which supposedly finished fine, shared the printer, checked the tcp settings for qos/client for ms networks/, unable to ping from one pc to the next, so they don't see each other.

Both are showing connected to the same workgroup, the ip settings are different, the only thing I haven't done is shut down the firewall..

any suggestions would be great. I can access the Internet from either, prior had just set up an access point for the wireless pc, but now I'd like to share printer and data.

thank you in advance!


this is for a XP/Vista pc's, using Windows firewall..fyi

have u checked the g/way and subnet for the 2 pc's ...may be a try..

I have checked the gateway and subnets, also checked the ip's for each to make sure no duplicates, I re-ran the network & wireless setup wizards, each shows connected to a network, but the network map doesn't show the name of the other computer.

Can't ping the other pc, tried shutting down the firewalls, still can't ping..

thanks for the help netking27, I appreciate any feedback.

by the way, should I be able to see all the drives/folders in the other pc or just the ones in the "shared" folders? (assuming this was set up correctly)..


Is there any additional information/configuration that I can provide that would be helpful? just let me know, I'll post it..